Javier L-Rosende

First culinary, then wedding photography, and then culinary meets photography. That is Javier Lopez-Rosende’s story. Javier is an accomplished photographer who has been based in Miami for the past 12 years. A personal chef before he discovered his passion for photography, he now shoots some of the tastiest photos we’ve ever seen.
When Javier first ascended upon the world of photography, he began shooting brides to be. This is where he discovered his passion and zeal for the art, and where he developed a full wedding photography business. Javier would soon merge both of his passions into one: food and photography.
Javier Lopez-Rosende’s story is a lesson of developing your craft and following your dreams. After succeeding in the world of wedding photography, Javier began photographing food. Pairing his love for photography with his background as a personal chef seemed to be a good match, as his works have been featured in national award winning food magazines. Javier claims that this is where “his photography really pops, making the food look so mouth watering, sometimes you feel as if you can taste it.”
Now regarded as one of the best photographers in Miami, Javier also photographs another one of his passions: motorcycle racing. Passion shines through all of Javier’s photos as he continues to expand his portfolio.


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